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European Higher Education Institute

The European Higher Education Institute a further education institution offering high quality online posgraduate and master programs that prepare students for a successful career in the emerging economy. Our mission is to foster academic excellence and student achievement through a transformative and accessible education experience with a strong focus on innovation, technology and creativity.

Accredited by MFHEA - Malta Further & Higher Education Authority, with license number 2023-05, the institution adopts a rigorous, inclusive and accessible education system inspired by the principles and quality standards set by the EHEA - European Higher Education Area.

European Higher Education Institute - About Us - Laura Ricci - Head of the Institution
Welcome to EHEI
Laura Ricci - Head of the Institution

Technology has greatly expanded access to education and the possibility for students from different countries to learn, interact and work collaboratively. Online education has made it possible to gain qualifications and receive excellent education remotely, by providing personalized, engaging and interactive learning. Student-centric and innovative technologies are used at EHEI to offer a transformative and qualitative learning experience that allows you to expand global career options through practical knowledge, collaboration and interactive resources. We welcome and invite European and international students to be part of this world-class teaching and learning institution that is committed to making you achieve and succeed in your goals!

Online Programs

The EHEI's online programs allow students with diverse backgrounds and ages to earn an accredited degree by studying anytime and from anywhere, thanks to the support of outstanding professors and acknowledged industry leaders. Our master degrees are designed to respond to the emerging labour market demand through high-quality innovative curriculum available in a convenient and flexible format.

Theinstitution's educational model offers students of different ages many advantages like the possibility to continue in their jobs while pursuing academic credentials, to advance in their career and to interact and exchange their knowledge and experience with peers and teachers in a multicultural community .

Institutional Goals

The Institution's mission and goals are inspired by the principle of quality assurance and by an ongoing evaluation system aimed at assessing and teaching effectiveness through students' satisfaction, results, performance and placement.

The main institution goals are
To offer high quality professional degree programs that are designed
to take into account the emerging requirements of the job markets
To build up a community and enrich students' lives
by promoting educational and professional growth
To encourage student-centred learning at all levels, supported by
technological resources and guided by qualified faculty and staff
To provide an outstanding educational experience
through academic and administrative support services
To foster collaboration and research sharing
among other institutions with the same objectives
Quality Assurance System

EHEI implements an Internal Quality Assurance policy that aims to guarantee the quality of the programmes and of the online pedagogical model and the efficiency of the services provided. This policy is based on specific procedures that are related to all the activities conducted by the institution and involve the different offices and departments.

The policy aims to ensure that all programmes are designed, validated, monitored and periodically reviewed and that all the administrative and support services offered meet the expectations of the target audience and the main requirements of the job market. The Internal Quality assurance policy of the Institution is developed in compliance with the National Quality Assurance Framework for Further and Higher Education and the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Standards.