Online Education

European Higher Education Institute

In response to the new learners' needs, the institution's pedagogical method provides students with the keys to develop their knowledge and skills in an effective way without any space and time constraints. The online teaching and learning methodology is a proprietary learning model based on a constructivist approach that combines asynchronous and synchronous learning classes, activities and projects with customised support from teachers and tutors.

For each module of the master, the students have at their disposal a set of asynchronous video-lectures complemented by textbook material, case studies and required readings and synchronous video-lectures organised by the professors through webinars. In addition, there are different learning and interaction resources available on the LMS, like forums, virtual classrooms and team-working tools that are used to promote continuous development in student competencies by means of project based and lab activities.

European Higher Education Institute - Online Education

The online assessment methodology is based on a continuous evaluation system providing feedback on the students' achievements at the different stages of the learning process. The assessment method is based on a formative and summative assessment used for continuous improvement in learning. This online educational model provides students with a comfortable learning environment that gives the flexibility to study at their convenience and in accordance with their needs, balancing job and family commitments.

EHEI online education offers students of different ages many advantages like the possibility to continue in their jobs while pursuing academic credentials, to advance in their career and to interact and exchange their knowledge and experience with peers and teachers in a multicultural community.