Student Service

The Student Service Centre offers a range of services to support students during their study journey, by dealing with problems that may affect their learning. Our services are designed to establish and maintain a solid relationship between students, faculty, tutors and advisors.

Academic Advising

The Academic advising service helps students set learning goals and to meet them throughout their study programme. After enrollment, an academic advisor will be assigned to each student to assess and personalise learning according to his/her specific needs. Different adaptive learning technologies are used to support students with diverse learning and knowledge backgrounds to provide them the right time to maximise their engagement, knowledge and results. The academic advisor will work with students to review their progress and support them to identify and achieve their personal goals. Students can easily connect with their academic advisors by email, LMS chats and by phone to ask specific questions about course requirements and to plan their study and assessment activities.

European Higher Education Institute - Student Service
Technical Support Service

The technical support service offers students a full orientation about the use of the LMS and all the study platform services and tools. Every student will be provided with a student guide and a tutorial that explain how to use and take advantage of all the synchronous and asynchronous services of the online campus. The technical support service offers 24/7 email support to solve any issues related to:

  • Get help logging in
  • Reset your password
  • Use the webinars system
  • Activate your exam and assessment
Career Advising

The student service department also offers a placement service through the Career Advising that integrates developmental advising, career counselling and employment coaching through individual workshops, experiential programming and a range of online resources. The career advising offers the following services to students prior and after graduation:

  • Career counselling.
  • Career explorations by major.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Job search strategies.
  • Labour market research.
  • Networking advice.