Digital Business and Digital Marketing

European Higher Education Institute - MBA in Digital business and digital marketing
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Since the appearance and subsequent development of digital technologies, many variables have changed the nature of business and the functioning of markets. Digital skills are becoming critical to business success and E-business have expanded areas of opportunity, fostering agility and responsiveness to change market dynamics and improve efficiency and customer experience.

The MBA in E-business and Digital marketing is an intensive program that prepares students to face business challenges and deal with advanced techniques in management and leadership, online business, strategic marketing and digital transformation.

The master is designed for people looking to operate effectively in the e-business environment and to manage or lead either the transformation of existing business processes or the creation of new e-business activity. Through the programme students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage the strategic development of e-business organisations and to analyse and assess the business ecosystems and the organisational cultures and behaviour. The different master modules focused on business innovation, global economy, digital marketing and digital transformation provide students with the entrepreneurial mindset to start their own online business, join an existing company or develop new ways to expand the business online.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will develop the skills required to:

  • Understand how to redefine the organisation's performance through digitization;
  • Manage international business activities and operations;
  • Develop entrepreneurship skills to drive innovation in start-up economies and corporations;
  • Lead the transformation of existing business processes or the creation of new e-business activity;
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead and develop digital transformation and innovation processes by using current and emerging business tools, techniques and technology;
  • Develop specific Business Analytics and Digital marketing skills.

The master lasts 18 months and awards students 90 ECTS.

The programme is structured in 3 semesters of 6 months and includes the following 10 modules and a final project work:

  • Risk management and company diversification
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Company Accounting
  • E- business and innovation
  • Business Analytics
  • Strategic marketing
  • Retail marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online branding
  • Web Marketing and Social Media
  • Project work
Real career benefits

E-business offers today different career opportunities to those individuals with an innovative and creative approach towards business. The master in E-business and Digital Marketing prepares you to work in high-demand industries, including healthcare and technology. In response to the growing demand for flexible and entrepreneurial business professionals, the master is designed to foster the skills required for a successful career in international business. Upon completion of the programme, graduates can enter a high-demand career in digital marketing, business information systems and e-commerce.

Most Demanded Careers
  • Digital Marketing manager
  • E-commerce manager
  • Brand manager
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Digital Transformation manager
  • Digital sale manager
  • Business strategy director
The online education that fits your needs

Our online education model gives you the freedom to complete classes on your schedule and create a learning experience that fits your needs, with access to faculty and advisors who will support you throughout the master. All the modules will be taught online through an interactive Virtual Learning Environment where you can access synchronous and asynchronous lectures and project based and lab activities. Live interactive sessions and webinars will be organised by the professor to deepen relevant topics, present case studies and organise practical activities. The module also includes different discussion forums that allows students to create and process information, practise critical thinking and collaborate and interact simultaneously or asynchronously in the online learning environment.

Customised assistance by faculty and academic advisors will be provided to the students throughout the academic journey to improve academic success and results.

100% online
Full time and part time schedule
90 ects / 2.250 hours of Instruction
Level 7 eqf European Qualification Framework
Language of instruction English
Tution cost € 3.000
Entry requirements

The master is addressed to:

  • Professionals wishing to enhance their technological skills and decision-making to increase competitiveness in the global market;
  • Professionals from various areas who wish to develop new skills in the area of digital management and marketing and in digital transformation.
  • Bachelor graduates who want to further their studies to get a specialisation in the application of digital technologies for management, business and finance and marketing.

A bachelor degree of 3 or 4 years minimum 180 ECTS is required to be admitted to the master.

Get Qualified
Candidates can benefit from a 70% rebate of the course fee via tax credit. Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry.
Get 70% of your course fee back via Tax Credit
Master Tuition € 3.000 - € 2.100 refunded through the Get Qualified Scheme